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Amazon will launch Kindle ebook reader on Monday
Guardian Unlimited - UK
Newsweek magazine's long cover story on The Future of Reading focuses on the $399 Kindle ebook reader that is finally being launched by Amazon. ...

Read for free: "Behind the Japanese Mask" – New ebook explores ...
openPR (press release) - Hamburg,Germany
This new ebook from Jonathan Rice takes readers below the surface of Japanese culture to explain the psychology behind the way Japanese people live and work ...

Analysis: Amazon's New eBook Reader Kindle – Is This The Future?
Digital Media Wire - Los Angeles,CA,USA
It's certainly not the first eBook to hit the market, but it has something most of its predecessors lacked; the ability to download books (up to 200), ...

Amazon to reveal its e-book reader, Kindle
TechRepublic - Louisville,KY,USA
The features of the Kindle eBook reader will include EVDO access via Sprint, a direct connection to the Amazon eBook store, a Wi-Fi connection, ...

Amazon's Kindle aims for ebook market
VNUNet.com - UK
Kindle enters an ebook market that has yet to take off with customers in the way that digital music and video has. The device's main competition will come ...

Seattlest Roundtable: The Amazon eBook Reader
Seattlest - Seattle,USA
But reading off a screen is--which is why it wasn't until e-ink came around that they would try ebook readers. Just so it didn't look that different. ...

Can Amazon kindle a passionate love for eBook readers
PC Perspectives - Florence,KY,USA
engadget has done a live blog of Amazon's launch of their Kindle eBook reader. It is about the same size and heft of a smaller hardcover book, ...

Amazon's Kindle aims to replace newsstands
infoSync World - Trondheim,Norway
By Sindre Lia, 19 November 2007 Today Amazon took the wraps off of its three-year old eBook concept, now known as Kindle. Sporting a wireless connection to ...

Why an Ebook Reader?
Mobility Site - Tuscaloosa,AL,USA
Seems the web is gaga over this new ebook reader from Amazon. I kind of see why, but on the other hand, I wonder... Why? With the advancements in screen ...

Amazon's Ebook The Future of Reading?
Slashdot - USA
... "With a seven-page cover story on The Future of Reading, Newsweek confirms all those rumors of Amazon's imminent introduction an affordable ebook. ...

Google Blogs Alert for: ebook

Amazon Kindle ebook reader launching today
Amazon Kindle, a new ebook reader, is launching today according to two highly placed posts on Read/WriteWeb titled Amazon Sets eBook World Alight with Kindle - Finally, Time For Read/Write Books! and TechCrunch's Amazon Kindle To Debut ...
WebMetricsGuru - http://www.webmetricsguru.com/

Why No PDF on Amazon's eBook Reader?
By Ryan Stewart
There's a tremendous amount of hoopla today around the Kindle, Amazon's new eBook reader. Most of the buzz is that it's a solid device with a couple of killer features that could turn it into the winner. The biggest is the internet ...
Ryan Stewart - Rich Internet... - http://blog.digitalbackcountry.com

Amazon Sets eBook World Alight with Kindle - Finally, Time For ...
By Richard MacManus
I used to write a blog about ebooks - some of you may remember eBook Culture (alas I let the domain name slip and so it was gobbled up by a squatter). Anyway, as a lover of both books and the Web, the vision of an Internet-connected ...
Read/WriteWeb - http://www.readwriteweb.com/

Amazon's Kindle unveiled: an ebook reader with free Internet access
Today, Amazon officially announced its Kindle ebook reader. Contrary to what we previously reported, the Kindle is notWi-Fi compatible. Instead, it's on its own EV-DO network, called Whispernet, which...
SCI FI Tech - http://blog.scifi.com/tech/

Liveblogging Amazon Kindle eBook Launch
By Joel Johnson
Overheard: "It's a totally misguided device"; "It's just an ebook reader, isn't it?" We got the silent phone warning, so we should be cooking soon. 9:41 - Bezos on. Talking about history of writing. Papyrus! Surgery! Codices! ...
Boing Boing Gadgets - http://gadgets.boingboing.net/

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Ebooks - K12 Handhelds
Ebook means "electronic book" — a book that is stored in a digital format to be displayed on electronic devices such as handheld computers. ...

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